Footprints of Faith

Walks for schools through culture, history and belief in Cambridge

Science KS2

There are 5 stopping places on the full walk. Each stop is designed to look at the contribution made by an individual to a particular scientific discovery or scientific field. The children will see something related to the individual, hear their story, and take part in an activity designed to deepen their understanding of the contribution to science, with an emphasis on the importance of personal faith as an inspiration for the desire to unlock the secrets of creation. Teachers can download a pdf of the KS2 Science walk, or click on the links below.

Stop 1 | Stop 2 | Stop 3 | Stop 4 | Stop 5

Click on each stop on the map below to discover the full stories and activities from the map

Science Walk (KS2) – Stop 1: St John's College

Science Walk (KS2) – Stop 2: Trinity College

Science Walk (KS2) – Stop 3: Gonville and Caius College

Science Walk (KS2) – Stop 4: Old Cavendish Laboratory

Science Walk (KS2) – Stop 5: Mond Laboratory

Risk assessment

The stopping places are usually open during school hours. To check about any last-minute arrangements for visits please contact:

Stop 1 – St John’s College

Ask to visit the forecourt and chapel to see the Gilbert statue and memorial.

01223 338676 – Chapel Clerk, Stephen Stokes
01223 338726 – Dep. Head Porter, Ian Crofts
01223 338606 – Front Porters’ Lodge

Please check with the Clerk that the Chapel is not in use and with the Porter that the College is open.

Stop 2 – Trinity College

Ask to visit the chapel to see the Newton statue.

01223 338400 – Porters’ Lodge
01223 338476 – Chapel Secretary

Please check with the Porters and the Chapel that both are available.

Stop 3 – Caius College/Great St Mary’s or Michaelhouse

Ask to visit to do activity 3; about eating lunch/snacks in garden/church/chapel if raining, and to use the loos.

01223 741716 – Heritage Education Officer, Great St Mary’s


Stop 4 – Cavendish Laboratory, Free School Lane/St Bene’t’s Church

St Bene’t’s – No need to make arrangements for a visit, but avoid Tuesday between 10.30 and 11.15 am, when there is a service.

Stop 5 – Mond Laboratory/ Whipple Science Museum (or St Bene’t’s Church if the museum is closed)

Whipple Museum
01223 330906
Ask to book a room to do the activity


Background information for teachers

Download a pdf of the KS2 Science walk

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