Footprints of Faith

Walks for schools through culture, history and belief in Cambridge

How to Book

How to book your footprints of faith walk

Choose your walk

It is possible to complete all six stops in one school day if you have an energetic class and don’t take too long over lunch. However you might want to take your time and cut out a stop. You can also spend just a morning or afternoon on the walk and complete just two or three stops. The stops don’t depend on each other so have a look at the information about the Walks and choose which stops you would like to complete.

Email Catherine to book the walk

All the artefacts, resource cards and a shower-proof book containing the maps, stories and activity instructions are kept at the Round Church, Bridge Street, Cambridge (the Church of the Holy Sepulchre). You will need to tell Catherine the date and time of your walk, which stops you would like to visit and whether you would like the KS1 or KS2 resources. Catherine can be contacted at:

Decide which venues you would like to visit

The stopping points are usually open during school hours but we have negotiated free entry into a few places the public can’t normally access and to allow you use of private toilet and picnic facilities. Work out which stops you would like to visit and in which order you would like to do them. Decide where/when you would like to stop for a snack, picnic lunch or toilets. Catherine will contact the stops for you and arrange all of these.

Download and print the pupil worksheets

Each stop has an activity connected to the story and each activity has a worksheet for the children. You will need to print one set of worksheets per child.

  Human rights walk worksheets

  Science walk worksheet (KS1)

  Science walk worksheet (KS2)

Do your preparation

We suggest you read through all the stories and activities before you take a group on a walk. You can read the stories and activities and download a pdf on The Walks page. If you would also like background reading on each story you can find more information about the human rights walk and the science walk. You also need to read the Logistics information (the panel on the right).

If you have any questions contact Catherine at The Church Schools of Cambridge.


On a walk you will need to bring with you:

  • A set of worksheets for each pupil (see point three on the left).
  • A clipboard for each pupil.
  • Writing and colouring pencils for children.
  • Your usual school trip accessories (first aid, mobile, etc).
  • Packed lunch and/or snack (if necessary).

Toilet Facilities:

  • Round Church – ask at the welcome desk
  • St John’s College – ask the porter
  • Great St Mary – ask the verger
  • King’s College – ask the custodian
  • Lion Yard (near St Bene’t’s Church – see map).

Picnic point:

  • Great St Mary – on the grass outside South Door – ask the verger for permission to eat inside if it is raining.

Snack points:

  • Great St Mary – on the grass outside South Door – ask the verger for permission to eat inside if it is raining.
  • St Bene’t’s – in the churchyard or inside on the left just inside the door if it is raining.

Risk assessment:

General safety arrangements for walking through Cambridge.

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